Dev Guild Weekly | September 20

Season 1: Week 12 (Sep 20-27, 2021)

This week in Dev Guild: Website V2 looks to release early, Nonsense hands the Solidity training over to Zberwaldt, and Icedcool is quitting his job to go full time DAO!

We’re also kicking off conversations about the remainder of our Season 1 allocation, our Season 2 budget, and how we pay for DevOps. Let’s dive in.

Author(s): jameswmontgomery.eth

In this weekly kickoff email, we aim to provide general updates on projects and surface opportunities for guild members.

Specifically, this email will be published after the Monday night Dev Guild call and use the notes & updates provided to inform the contents.

If you want information lifted into this format, please highlight that during the meeting or otherwise let us know.

Quick Links

Project Highlights & Needs

🤖 DEGEN prepares to phase a POAP-only trial to 10 Discord servers to better learn about scaling & use. They are ➡️ looking for Customer Support folks to get involved and help education & troubleshoot with new servers.

🗒️ Bounty Board is roadmapping for go-to-market and working on improving project onboarding for new contributors.

🏅 Bankless Academy has some great motion for UI design and completed migration from Netlify to Vercel.

Bankless Loans is ➡️ looking for a Web3 developer to aid in connecting the UI to Liquity’s functionality; they are targeting launch for the end of Season 2.

🖥️ Website V2 is ahead of schedule and looking to launch early this week! Zberwaldt is ➡️ looking to handoff the project after launch and there are many plans for the future of this product - get in touch with MrPackman or hit up #website to get involved.

🗜️ DevOps is looking to use Terraform to implement infrastructure-as-code and is refining their onboarding processes for new joiners.

🎛️ Smart Contract Literacy Series is looking for feedback and a ➡️ solidity expert to help guide the content creation of a non-technical solidity literacy course.


Let’s look ahead at our #calendar.

Tuesday 9/21

  • 🖥️ Website Weekly

  • DAO Grants Committee Weekly

  • 🧰 Knowledge Session: Terraform

  • 🗒️ Bounty Board Standup

Wednesday 9/22

  • DAO Dash Standup

  • Cryptofees

  • Mental Health Support Group

  • 🧰 Dev Guild Focused Discussion

  • 🧰 Chakra UI Knowledge Session?

Thursday 9/23

  • 🏅 Bankless Academy Dev Standup

  • 🗒️ Bounty Board Standup

  • 🗜️ Devops Weekly

  • DAO Dash Weekly

Friday 9/24

  • 🔊 DAO Community Call


  • No no, we don’t do that here.

Monday 9/27

  • ⚠️Guild & Project Season 2 budget submissions are due!

  • 🤖 DEGEN Go-to-market

  • 🧰 Dev Guild Weekly Sync

Take Action

🦍 Register for the DAO-wide Season 1 Coordinape round by Sep 24th

📝 Submit this week’s Guild Survey: “What do you need help with?”

🙋 Request a knowledge-share topic.

💬 Comment on the Smart Contract Literacy proposal.

💬 Brainstorm Season 1 allocation and Season 2 budget in Discord.


Ciao, pal.