Dev Guild Weekly | October 4

Season 1: Week 14ish (Oct 4 - Oct 10, 2021)

This week in Dev Guild: Website project looks for a new PM and dev lead, we kick off discussions about guild membership, and DEGEN seeks a strong frontender.

We’ve also kicking off Season 2 with a proposed renewal of some S1 programs :) Read on!

Author(s): jameswmontgomery.eth

In this weekly kickoff email, we aim to provide general updates on projects and surface opportunities for guild members.

Specifically, this email will be published after the Monday night Dev Guild call and use the notes & updates provided to inform the contents.

If you want information lifted into this format, please highlight that during the meeting or otherwise let us know.

Quick Links

Project Highlights & Needs

🤖 DEGEN prepares to go-to-market. They are still ➡️ looking for Customer Support folks to get involved and help education & troubleshoot with new servers. Also ➡️ looking for a FE developer.

🗒️ Bounty Board is working on Discord OAuth and fleshing out governance.

Bankless Loans is ➡️ looking for a Web3 developer to aid in connecting the UI to Liquity’s functionality; they are targeting launch for the end of Season 2.

🖥️ Website V2 is fixing up some final tickets and launching this week! Both MrPackman and Zberwaldt are ➡️ looking to handoff the project to a new PM and Lead Dev after launch and there are many plans for the future of this product - get in touch with MrPackman or hit up #website to get involved.

🗜️ DevOps finished migrating the domain to Vercel management so we can manage subdomains and DNS records on our own - this will soon transfer to AWS once Terraform is running. ⚠️ Setup 2FA on your Github account to maintain access ⚠️

Content Gateway is full steam ahead with plans to integrate DEGEN, Bounty Board, Bankless Academy, the Website, a mobile app and more! Check out their proposal.

🤝 Membership

Last week, we began discussions around how to qualify for a potential Guild Coordinape round or programs like UBI and other benefits. This week, we met further to discuss what a path forward could look like.

We discussed varying degrees of high-tech solutions for tracking contribution through integrations with Github, Discord, Notion, etc to compose of a score for contribution.

We talked about project earnings, staking with rewards, and the potential ability slashing & penalties could play in aligning incentives as well.

We also discussed low-tech solutions like autocratic approval, vouching, and other social-level methods for approving membership.

Most likely, we will pursue progressive decentralization by starting with low-tech social consensus and iterate on top of each subsequent version by introducing more automated support for proving membership.

In Season 2, expect a proposal outlining the first version of membership requirements as well as a roadmap & vision for what could come thereafter.

Who knows, maybe it could be its own product 🤔.

📅 Schedule

Let’s look ahead at our #calendar.

Tuesday 10/5 (sorry this is late)

  • 🖥️ Website Weekly

  • Crypto Sapiens: Index Coop

  • 🧰 Dev Guild Membership Discussion

  • DAO Grants Committee Weekly

  • 🧰 Knowledge Session: Safemath & Reentrancy in Solidity

  • 🗒️ Bounty Board Standup

Wednesday 10/6

  • DAO Dash Standup

  • Cryptofees Weekly

  • DAOPunks Weekly

  • Mental Health Support Group

  • 🧰 Dev Guild Focused Discussion

Thursday 10/7

  • 🏅 Bankless Academy Dev Standup

  • 🗒️ Bounty Board Standup

  • 🗜️ Devops Weekly

  • DAO Dash Weekly

Friday 10/8

  • Season 2 begins!

  • 🔊 DAO Community Call

  • 🧰 Content Gateway


  • No no, we don’t do that here.

  • Sike, we play D&D sometimes (hmu)

Monday 10/11

  • 🤖 DEGEN Go-to-market

  • 🧰 Dev Guild Weekly Sync

Take Action

🥬 Lettuce to change the weekly meeting time.

💬 Comment on the Season 2 Init proposal.

💬 Comment on the Guild Membership conversions.

📝 Submit this week’s Guild Survey: “The Survey Survey (so meta)”

🙋 Request a knowledge-share topic.

💬 Comment on the Smart Contract Literacy proposal.

Seriously tho, hit me up about Dungeons and Dragons