BanklessDAO Weekly Rollup #6 | June 11

Bankless BED Index, Season 0 NFT sales, Sushiswap Onsen and more. Bankless DAO is firing 🔥

With a fully-scoped Season 1 spec on the forums, the Bankless BED going live on Snapshot and kicking off our Season 0 NFT sale, BanklessDAO is barrelling forward.

This week's newsletter features just a sampling of all the projects taking shape within the DAO

Psst!!! If you keep reading, you can earn some BANK below 👇

Authors: BanklessDAO Writers Guild (siddhearta, Ap0ll0517, frogmonkee)

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Community Highlights

🛏️ Get in $BED with us: Bankless's BTC, ETH, and DPI index proposal is live for voting on Snapshot. If passed, the BED index could be a significant revenue driver for the DAO. If you are an 🦉 INDEX holder, vote YES now!

🔥 NFT DROP: BanklessDAO NFT Drop is live on Rarible until Saturday the 12th at 12pm CT. This week's featured artist is a long-time community member, CryptoBushi.

👉 How to Grow Decentralized Communities: Bankless was referenced in pet3rpan’s article on grassroots community leadership and ownership as a means to long-term DAO success. This is an essential read for all members!!

🍣 Official Sushiswap Pool: Sushiswap’s BANK/ETH pool has been added to Onsen! You can now earn SUSHI by providing liquidity and staking your SLP tokens to the contract. 🥢

🥧 Join the PieDAO liquidity rewards program on 🍣 Sushiswap! Our friends over at our favorite wealth-creation DAO are boosting liquidity 🌊 for their indices and governance tokens with competitive APRs. 📈 In particular, their DOUGH/WETH and PLAY/DOUGH pools are capturing massive returns at 290% and 370% annually! 😲 Become a liquidity provider with this link and get your DOUGHpamine hit! Not sure how? Read this guide.

What’s New

Season 1 Specification: Last week, we dropped a sneak peek of Season 1. This week, the authors provided a full specification of Season 1. It's a must-read 📚 for anyone that’s wondering what to expect in the coming months.

📊 Pretty Graphs: @paulapivat put out a forum post exploring Bankless DAO Twitter Analytics to see the DAO's impressions and engagements over the first month. He also revealed Community Call POAP metrics. We're sitting at around 160+ claimed POAPs per community call!

POAPs Forever and Always: Last week, several DAO members met with the POAP team to scope out a potential business opportunity 🤑🏅🤑

Building a Liquity Front-End: @yves has been hard at work creating a decentralized front-end in Figma to the Liquity protocol. Interest-free loans are coming to Bankless DAO.

BanklessDAO Discord Bot: @nonsensetwice, @brianpatino.eth, and others are having fun building a Discord bot for BanklessDAO, complete with integrations into Notion and eventually Web3!

📐Onboard Sneak Peek

The 📐 Onboard Project is underway! We started with the Onboard Coordination Kickoff meeting on 6/3. A lot of great 💭 ideas were discussed on that call and the squad got to work right away! Since then those ideas have taken form. We now have a skeletal frame full of visual concepts. The first meeting was followed up with a 90 minute 👩‍🏫 Onboard Wireframe Sprint call on 6/9.

During the week, Didier.Krux.eth revealed the hours of work he had put into researching educational tools and bringing the idea to life on Figma.

Before the meeting, VΞritas created the framework for deciding about OnBoard content and Ap0ll0517 started working on the Wallet Basics course content. 🎓 Educational content was a huge focal point of the discussion and a great brainstorming session ensued.

On June 10th, momentum carried over into the 🤝 2nd Onboard Coordination Meeting. It was determined that a project of this magnitude requires guild reps to help coordinate tasks and ensure that information is properly communicated between the guilds and the 📐 Onboard team.

RedVan and MrPackman shared the 📐 Onboard survey that will be open from 6/11 to 6/20. 🤯 You could win BANK!! Any respondents who complete the survey and provide their discord handle will be entered into a raffle to win 1,000 BANK tokens! Click this link to complete the survey.

Creative juices were flowing and the buzz of excitement was evident. There's a ton of enthusiasm involved in this project. It's contagious. Want to join the initiative and get involved? Jump in the #📐onboard channel in Discord and volunteer!

Live Proposals

Reward Season 0 Active Members: Snapshot voting closes in just a couple of hours! When complete, DAO members will begin a one-week voting period using Coordinape before distributing 1M BANK proportional to votes. Any DAO member that has at least 35k BANK is eligible and can opt-in using this form.

Proposals in Discussion

Improving BANK Liquidity and Utility: This proposal aims to create an 80% BANK/ 20% WETH pool on Balancer V2 and apply for a tier 4 BAL reward slot. If accepted, the BANK/WETH pool would serve as a primary liquidity 🌊 source for the BANK token as well as increase the token's utility 🛠 . BANK holders would be able to provide liquidity directly to the pool, earning BAL tokens and trading fees.

BanklessDAO NFT Sales Compensation and Budget: NFT sales can be an ongoing revenue source for the DAO if executed properly. This proposal will establish a compensation model that is in line with other projects in the DAO. At the same time, this will establish an operational budget that can be used to offer bounties for articles for blogs, marketing, and so forth.

Should the BANKLESS DAO Utilize Revenue to Bolster the Value of BANK: Over the past several weeks, the community has been engaged in a vigorous discussion on Discord and the forum focusing on the nature of the $BANK token.

Adjusting BanklessDAO Membership Requirements: The start of Season 1 is the DAO’s opportunity to adjust the minimum requirement to join the DAO. Right now this stands at 35,000 BANK.

Action Items

Contributor Rewards: Sign up to participate in the Season 0 Coordinape distribution. 💰

Onboard User Research Survey: Submit a response to be eligible to win a raffle prize of 1k BANK.💰

Participate: There are a lot of open proposals this week on the forum. Join the discussion. Voice your opinion!

Catch up: Review this week's community call notes or listen to the recording.