BanklessDAO Weekly Rollup #3 | May 21

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. - Proverb. 

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The first few weeks of BanklessDAO were a chaotic flurry of conversation, enthusiasm, and activity. By this third week, the energy had dissipated quite a bit and the initial hype was over. What was left was our marching pace, how quickly we moved on average. And WOW there is still a ton to cover.

This week's theme has been to raise your hand 🙌 and people did.

Authors: BanklessDAO Writers Guild (@siddhearta, @frogmonkee)

Community Highlights

  • $34k in $ROBOT denominated revenue💵: The first apparel drop from the BanklessDAO x MetaFactory collaboration was a hit! We sold over 300 shirts during the 48 hour sale. @MW @Sinjun and the rest of the crew over at MetaFactory are changing the culture on brand ownership and value creation. Keep your eyes open for the next drop in June 🔥 

  • Into the Ether: Eric Conner and Anthony Sassano discussed the Bankless DAO as a first mover for media organizations exploring the use of a token model. We are at the frontier paving a new way forward. Listen in @ 36:35 🎧

What’s New

  • Analytics: @paulapivat and the Dev Guild are making more magic. Check out their latest creation on the distribution of $BANK members.

  • On Seasons: @0xLucas layed out a roadmap on how the DAO will approach seasons. Seasons give the community a north star and direct our focus to shared goals, projects and campaigns. Season 0 priorities include coordinating core contributors, launching MVP revenue products (NFT sales, merch), and distributing $BANK.

  • Media Node Model: The DAO is working to coordinate partnership and sponsorship opportunities similar to the way Blockworks partners with top creators. The hard part of this initiative is creating great media channels, building a base of viewers, and curating content. That’s where we need you!🙋🏽‍♀️

  • NFT Factory: The DAO is exploring a proposal to provide services to content creators in order to educate and assist them in creating specialized NFTs. The DAO would be compensated through fees or royalties. Check out the proposal here.

  • Moved from Gitbook to Notion: This week, the DAO switched from using Gitbook to host the wiki to Notion. It’s way friendlier, take a peek!

Proposals in Discussion

  • PieDAO Referral Rewards: PieDAO presented a proposal to the Bankless community to incentivize liquidity pools (DOUGH/ETH and PLAY/DOUGH) on Sushiswap for a share of rewards. There is already a promo plan forming to get the Marketing Guild, Writer’s Guild and AV Guild aligned on moving this proposal forward.

  • Mission and values: There continues to be a lot of discussion on the DAOs mission, vision and values. Who are we, what do we stand for, and where do we want to go, these are questions we need to wrestle with before Season 1. 

  • Onboarding: Our aim at Bankless is to reach one billion people and bring them into crypto. Onboarding is a direct way to achieve that goal and provides an entry point to begin your bankless journey. Check out the current proposal and get involved in the discussion. 

  • $BANK token symbol contest: Every token has a symbol, a visual representation that is used across all communication channels and marketing campaigns. There is currently a proposal to have an open contest to design the $BANK token symbol with the winner earning enough $BANK to become a member of the DAO.  Cast your snapshot vote now

  • Give Level 0 Read Access to Level 1: There are a ton of level 0 volunteers who want to get involved in the DAO and contribute. There is currently a proposal to give Level 0 members Read-only access to Level 1 so they can identify how to get involved and raise their hand to join a guild.  

Action Items

  • Start Here: Want to help but don’t know where to start? Start by providing feedback, sharing your input, joining in the conversation. Stay connected on Discord channels #📊polls #🗓calendar # ⚖️forum-proposals.

  • Catch up: To this week’s Community Call. Or skim the notes if you’re running short on time.

  • Be a skeptic: Skepticism, debate, and examination forge strong proposals. Strong proposals lead to projects and campaigns. We’ve seen a lot of proposals but we need more details and questions directed at each proposal. What’s it for? Why is it important? Is the proposal team capable of executing on it?

  • Level Up: Raise your hand and get involved. Join a guild ⚔️

Meme of the Week