BanklessDAO Weekly Rollup #29: Celebrating DAO Culture

Catch up with what happened this week in the BanklessDAO.

Dear Bankless Nation 🏴,

This week was another big week for BanklessDAO, particularly because BANK bonds can now be purchased on Olympus Pro! These bonds allow you to exchange LP tokens from the BANK-ETH Sushiswap pool for discounted BANK. This will bootstrap BANK liquidity and give BanklessDAO another source of on-chain revenue! Let’s freakin’ go!

Next, in this week’s headline piece, hirokenelley.eth orchestrated the quintessential guide to DAO Culture, group-written by the Writers Guild as an experiment. This is a piece on DAO culture by DAO culture. Read on to see exactly what we mean.

Get involved by participating in this week’s knowledge share with zkSync, mapping the DAO by signing up for Sobol, or signing up for the #WhyWeDAO Twitter campaign. Finally, don’t forget to review the Forum proposals! Governance is everyone’s responsibility, so if you want to have your voice heard, join the discussions happening now!

Authors: Bankless DAO Writers Guild (EthHunter, Jake and Stake, Samanthaj, Katrina, AceBeautii, hirokennelly.eth, siddhearta)

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BanklessDAO Weekly NFT Showcase 🔥

🧑‍🎨 Artist: Bertaliot

🏦 Auction Type: Open edition

💰 Price: 0.029 ETH

The first piece is a visual and auditory homage to the the bright future of the Bankless Nation. The second piece is a visual and auditory love song dedicated to Ethereum. These NFTs are animated in conjunction with the music, dancing to the synthetic tones and dreamy soundscape. Bertaliot is a talented musician, so don't watch these with the sound off! Bertaliot's NFTs are as much an auditory experience as a visual one.

Future is Blooming

Just go bankless! Animation with BANK logo.

Decentralized Love

Love it everywhere animation with ETH symbol.

Community Highlights

📰 The RUG sells out 1st edition

The 1st edition of the "super factual and 100% true" newspaper put out by bDAO was a raging success. This newspaper "takes money, seriously" and is the most trusted news source in the trustless ecosystem. With only 69 editions per drop, you've gotta move fast to mint yours. If you snagged a copy, congratulations! If you didn't, keep your eyes peeled for the next drop. This project is FIRE!

🏟 We'll take this one, thanks!

After purchased the naming rights to the former Staples Center in Los Angeles for the next 20 years (for a cool $700mil USD), BanklessHQ set their sights on the competition. The Wells Fargo Center has been put on crypto's Most Wanted list. We're coming for you! BANKLESS STADIUM in lights. LFG!

💰 Coordinape round a big success

The main tool used at BanklessDAO to distribute compensation to members for their continued effort and passion is Coordinape. It's a great way to allocate BANK as a thank you for the outstanding contributions to the DAO and its projects. This latest round went great, rewarding the L1s and L2s with well-deserved compensation. Remember to sign up and take part in each round you are eligible for to not only receive, but to GIVE!

💧 It's not deep, but we have BANK/WETH liquidity on Polygon!

While bDAO has enjoyed the security of the Ethereum chain, the gas fees are proving to be less than ideal. Cost effective solutions are necessary. Listing on Polygon has been a longtime goal for the BANK token and there is good news: we made it! BANK/WETH is now a pair on Sushiswap, which marks the start of the L2 future of BANK.

What’s New

🧠 CryptoSapiens Podcast: Ether Cards, Expanding The Functions of NFTs w/ Andras Kristof

Andras Kristof, Founder and CEO of Ether Cards, joins us to discuss developing blockchain tech from 2013 to today, as well as how NFTs can be used for a myriad of different applications including supporting artists, athletes, and communities— both digitally and IRL. Listen to the recording at the link below.

🌍 Bankless Africa

If you missed the latest Episode of the BanklessAfrica Social Impact Series, have no fear, because it was recorded and Episode 2 is ready! Watch to learn more about this amazing project, as well as how to earn a Ten Year Voluntary Carbon Offset NFT. This NFT rewards your participation in disrupting centralized paradigms and protecting the planet. BanklessAfrica encourages you to become a Solar Punk and support this project in Carbon Collectible NFTs.

🎨 POAPathon

Two designers from the Design Guild of BanklessDAO took part in a simulated head-to-head competition to design a POAP for the upcoming POAPathon 2021 event. Designers JENetics and Red Crystal Dragon had 60 minutes to produce a POAP designed to specification. Congratulations to Red Crystal Dragon for winning her first round in this head-to-head design challenge! If you're interested in participating in the POAPathon, check out their website here!

🏦 BANK on Olympus Pro

$BANK is on Olympus Pro! You can now trade your BANK-ETH Sushiswap LP tokens for discounted $BANK. This will allow BanklessDAO to ensure the stability of our liquidity and earn trading fees on the liquidity pool. If you want to learn more, we wrote about the OlympusPro proposal in Weekly Rollup #26. This is a great way to get discounted BANK, so take advantage of the opportunity to fill your bags!

Get Involved

☯️ Come out to DAO LA

Done hiding in the safety and security of your home cocoon? Want to meet up and hang out with Humpty and fellow frens of Web3? Head out and join them at their monthly event, held again at the Homage brewery in downtown Los Angeles. Connect with members from bDAO along with other DAOs, too! Come say hi and talk to people that finally know what you're talking about all the time.

🍿 Popcorn Finance 11/23 Popcorn Finance - A DeFi4Good Project

Meet Popcorn! Join NFT Thinker as they cohost, Popcorn co-founder Michael Kissenger and core team member Anna-Marie who will offer an in depth view of their new social DeFi project, aimed at creating high-yield products that give individuals and disadvantaged communities a completely new monetary and financial system.

Where: BanklessDAO Main Stage in the BanklessDAO Discord
When: November 23rd, 6pm UTC (10am PT / 7pm CET)

🗣 Knowledge Shares: QA with Angelfish of zkSync, in the Cross-collab Voice channel

Ever had burning questions about zero knowledge technology? Do any of those questions pertain to zkSync? Well, you're in luck! The upcoming weekly Q&A session, hosted by the Dev Guild, will be led by Angelfish on all things zkSync in the "Cross Collab Voice" channel. These sessions serve as an opportunity for members of the DAO to share what they know and help each other grow. So, if you've had any questions about the technology or its capabilities, RSVP for the zkSync Q&A on November 23rd (4pm PT / 7pm ET).

📍🗺 Sobol Rollout

Sobol is an organizational accountability platform to help DAOs visualize their organization using maps and a dashboard of project goals, milestones, and updates. Rolling out over the next few weeks, this will serve as a DAO-wide directory for members, guilds, projects, and those hard-to-find links. Be on the lookout for a Discord direct message from @Sobol asking you to log in and complete your member profile. It takes less than five minutes. If you'd like to learn more tag the @cartographer role. You can find the announcement in Discord or read more about the Sobol proposal in Forum.

🏴 #WhyWeDAO Campaign

Marketing Guild is running a campaign until the end of Season 2 to drive interest to the DAO and reach out to those unfamiliar with how to participate in the Bankless movement. They will be running a series of tweet campaigns with relatable quotes to drive interest and awareness. You can sign up to participate and share your story in the Why We DAO campaign page. All you need to do is add your name, and the marketing guild will reach out to you to tweet your story when the time comes. Show your support by flying the Black Flag emoji (🏴 ) in your profile handle across all platforms!

🧘 Mental Health Support group restarting every Wednesday.

In times of radical change, we must remember to take care of ourselves. The DAO is strongest when we are all at our best. So please (please, please) make sure you are taken care of. Here to help with that is BorisSchickedanz.eth, who will be facilitating a support group every Wednesday at 12:30pm Eastern / 5:30pm UTC in the #members-forum voice chat. These discussions will be a communal forum to discuss our own mental health struggles and support our peers.

Sign up for next week's session.

🙏 Sponsor: UMA — Diversifying DAO Treasuries. DAO Better.

The following article was written by the Writers Guild as a whole. It is a DAO culture article written by DAO culture. Enjoy!

The DAO Culture, Written by The DAO Culture

Gm, frens ☕🌅.

We’re headed west!

Go West, young wanderer. Go West.

We’ve heard stories of a promised land, a place where people are not tethered to a desk for 8 hours a day, dulled by the hum of fluorescent lights and the monotone of the middle-manager's voice in the hall. A place where people are judged purely for the merit of their work and not their relation to the boss or how well they can play some office-politics game.

Word of this workplace utopia first trickled into our Twitter feeds from the keyboards of those who had “made it.” They spoke in code:

DAOs are the future


gm, LFG, and many more.

Many of us had no clue what all this meant, but we had a hunch that this was going to change the world. Our world. And then the whole world.

We went to find a DAO. We found BanklessDAO. We met others like us—equally crypto-clueless but just as hopeful about what’s on the horizon. We discovered that we share a permeating optimism and a desire to bring what we’re learning to the masses of people stuck in traditional but stifling financial systems and outmoded ways of organizing.

DAO life means we get to wake up and play. We get to experiment, try out new ideas, and form teams around a collective mission. We also get to laugh loudly and share proudly. And as we chase the land where the sun sets, we encounter people to tell about the adventures we've had, and the promise of more. We make a compelling argument for them to join us and help build a future of autonomy, freedom, and positive community vibes.

BanklessDAO is growing (like, a lot).

BanklessDAO, (affectionately nicknamed bDAO), is growing. To get a sense of the speed and scale, look no further than Jake and Stake’s excellent article in last week’s Weekly Rollup. TL;DR, bDAO is in the midst of exponential growth! In fact, bDAO may be growing faster and larger than any other DAO. As we continue to build momentum and grow in size and strength, our collective culture is the compass that will hold the DAO on course, the glue that will hold the DAO together. Vibes are the threads that tie us all together and keep us focused on our destination: onboarding 1 Billion people into crypto.

As bDAO grows, it’s hard not to wonder: how will the culture evolve as we grow? What will the ❤️‍🔥 loving embrace of your metaverse frens feel like when there are 30,000 of us who call our community home? What about 100,000? These are important questions to ask as we continue onward and upward. To upgrade the wagon as we travel is to ensure we are the most prepared we can be.

Success brings not new bridges to cross (there are no bridges yet), but new rivers to ford.

Our first impressions of bDAO?


Okay, so maybe it’s not fording a river or suffering from dysentery like the early off-chain settlers, but it is still the frontier. The unknown. There are channels, threads, notifications, polls, announcements, analytics, calendars, community calls, boards, links, discussions, memes, media coverage, guilds, and projects. And let’s not get started on the many flavors of the DAO: DAO(general), DAO(isms), DAO(versity), and DAO(lationships), all of which have several DAO subsections. Browsing feels like a DAOsing with the firehose. And yes, there’s a tag for that (it lets you see all the channels. Every. Single. One.)

As we grow, there is, at times, a paradoxical feeling of disconnectedness. Our collective voices have turned up the volume but turned down the vibes. Meetings with small groups of regulars have swollen to accommodate 30+ people with 30+ opinions. For many of us, faced with the challenges of a crowded voice channel, it’s easier to pull back, knowing that others will quickly fill the space. This can lead to a feeling of being left out in the cold.

We solve this by putting on blinders and getting to work. We limit ourselves to one guild first and then expand outward from there. We don’t overcommit! And if we do, we’re okay with stepping down and moving the power elsewhere. We develop processes that decentralize and distribute the workflow. Because we must always, always be moving toward decentralization. Decentralization is The Way.

Attention scattered is attention lost.

But how do we put the blinders on when everything is so damn interesting? Constantly, one is pulled from a meeting for a super interesting project to take part in another, equally interesting discussion. The DAO is full of people we want to work and collaborate with.

There’s a danger, though, in jumping in with abandon: the trap of being spread too thin. Saying ‘yes’ to everything means you suffer and the product suffers. Ultimately, the vibe suffers. Plus, there is significant IRL collateral damage when you push yourself too far. It just isn't healthy. And that's why we need to slow down. NOT stop. Hell no. Never stop. But: if we have the ability to optimize our output for Web3, we can do the same for our own mental health and wellbeing.

If we burn out no one wins. If we burn out, we all lose.

So, if someone is on the way to burning out, we help them. We step up to take the load off. We find new ways to work. That’s what we’re all doing here, right?

If it feels like a job, we’re doing it wrong.

We’re all here by choice, united not through the pursuit of a wage but belief in a future free of corporate drudgery and top-down decisions. We need to keep it fun, engaging, and most of all: autonomous. Each one of us has the power to decide how often and how much we contribute. Each one of us has responsibilities outside the DAO which will take us on a journey of bDAO FOMO. We need to know that we can check back in without the guilt, the dread, or the thousand-message hill to climb.

One way we climb that thousand-message hill? We read this weekly rollup, the best freaking intra-DAO information resource out there.

Where to from here?

With everything happening and as more people enter DAOs, there are inevitably going to be growing pains. How do we react to change? How do we maintain the vibes? How can we keep it the same while it changes? Do we want to keep it the same? Can we tap into DAO culture to produce something even better? One of our esteemed thought leaders at bDAO, frogmonkee, recently reflected on these questions in his Brain Dump #6.


  1. Realignment of funding to support mission and values.

  2. Focus on a friendly, frictionless onboarding.

  3. Paying attention to the cultivation of fun and play.

The key message is that we need a realignment of priorities with a focus on slowing down! With no path to follow, we can design our own, and we don’t need it to be a race to the finish. The first few seasons of bDAO have forged so many remarkable leaders in this space, but it’s essential that we respect their limits, nurture new talent, and let well-designed processes do the heavy lifting.

Our path is not paved with gold, but we don’t need it to be.

The path to Web3 is not paved with gold. There are potholes, dead-ends, overhanging branches and sometimes, when we’re lucky, low-hanging fruit. We find joy in creating this path together, even while we cringe at the cost of gas to travel on it.

The bDAO is a vibrant community full of DAO early adopters. We’ve met, and continue to meet, so many amazing, talented, hard-working folks who are genuinely excited to be here, to be together with like-minded new frens from around the world. DAOs allow us to live anywhere. All you need to do is have the internet and show up. Your age, background, culture, and experience add to the mix. All you need to do is #justDAOit!

Come hang out and take part and add to and enjoy the culture that is being created in not only bDAO, but in so many places and forums in web3. Let’s enjoy the serenDAOpity as we’re headed West together.


✍️ The Writer’s Guild

🏛 Governance

Proposals in Discussion

🐣 Podcast Hatchery

Authors: EurekaJohn, Soundman, Droste, Liquidiot, ZimTeemo based on original doc by frogmonkee

This proposal set out to create a podcast development program for content creators, known as the Podcast Hatchery. This space within the DAO would be used to support logistics, design, production, research, writing, and distribution of internally-created podcasts. The program seeks to create Media Nodes that will generate revenue for BanklessDAO through sponsorships. CryptoSapiens was the first podcast to come out of the program, with more to follow in the future if the proposal is approved.

🤝 HumanDAO looks to partner with BanklessDAO

Author: Chris2pherChase

The Crypto world is vast, but when you find like-minded individuals, you tend to gravitate towards each other. HumanDAO looks to make a partnership with BanklessDAO as we build out our respective communities and platforms. If approved, they would use DEGEN, the Academy, and the BED index, as well as cultivate an overlap of builders and contributors between the two DAOs. Their goal is to help grow a global middle class through crypto incentives and platforms. They propose giving BanklessDAO 5 million HDAO tokens to diversify our treasury, and using a member of bDAO as one of the multi-sig-signers inside the hDAO.

🏛 Final Draft of Firming up Governance

Author: frogmonkee

The final version of Frogmonkee's proposal is about all things governance. The feedback from the previous drafts of the proposal have been considered and reviewed, and any necessary changes have been made to the draft. Please read and familiarize yourself with the changes. The last step is to vote it into Snapshot on the bottom of the page. We are a DAO, we move together. Ape strong together.

📚 Discord Channel Code System

Author: metamynx

This proposal is designed to be a "Dewey Decimal System for the DAO". It is intended to radically reorganize all the channels to make participation and navigation in the DAO far easier for all members, as well as create a standardized naming convention system for future scalability. The system would organize Discord channels by Classification[A-Z], Sub/Categories[A-Z], and Channels[00-99]. If approved, this would be a major facelift for our Discord Server, so stay up to date on all the changes!

Action Items

⛽️ Gas reimbursement: Submit Season 2 gas reimbursement.

🦠 Take the DAO Compensation and Governance Study: Get a POAP.

🏃‍♀️ Catch up: Review this week's community call notes or listen to the recording.

🙏Thanks to our sponsor


UMA helps DAOs build products to diversify their treasury. Most DAO treasuries are imbalanced, holding too many native-governance tokens. By using UMA’s success tokens and KPI options, DAOs can fortify their treasury, preparing for any market while building loyalty.,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

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