Bankless DAO Weekly Rollup #8 | June 25

It's official. Next week marks the end of Season 0. We are eight weeks into BanklessDAO and we've made remarkable progress in our effort to #gobankless.

Authors: Bankless DAO Writers Guild (siddhearta, frogmonkee, tomahawk, gno.thyself)

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Community Highlights

🏦 BanklessDAO Gitcoin Grants: The DAO's Gitcoin Grants page is now active and receiving matching contributions for round GR10. With Quadratic Funding, the number of contributors matters more than the amount funded. 🏃‍♀️🏃🏃‍♂️

👕 MetaFactory drop: The second merch drop from the BanklessDAO🤝 MetaFactory collaboration is hot! 🌞 Check out the cypherpunks tee, velvet tapestry, and tattoo long sleeve tee. Every purchase gets 42% back in ROBOT. 🤖

🔥 BanklessDAO NFT Drop: This week, the Design Guild is dropping two pieces by artist Cedric Fangaet: FOMO the Bankless Ape and the Bankless Starship: Heart of ETH. Don't miss these 🌟 NFTs! The auction closes on June 26 at 2 pm ET. ⏳

💰 Round 1 of Coordinape Distribution: Congrats to all of the participants and recipients of the Coordinape distribution for Season 0. This is the largest distribution Coordinape has had to date! Check out the public Tableau dashboard summarizing the GIVE distribution put together by @Reese. BANK will be distributed next week, followed by a survey to gauge overall satisfaction.

🧘🏽‍♂️Weekly Mental Health Support: This week kicked off our first mental health support group in the member's forum voice chat. This community space is designed to be a supportive environment and provide access to tools, resources, and programs that prioritize our members' 🧠 mental health and well-being.

What’s New

🎙 Tuesday Talks with Philip Silva: Join us in the Amphitheater on Tuesday, June 29 at 10am PDT for the first in a series of talks with remarkable blockchain and crypto builders. After an initial chat, the stage will be open for Q&A.

✍️ DAO Blog Submission: The Writers Guild has finished composing the Editing Framework which will be used to edit blog submissions. We will be publishing blog posts to the BanklessDAO Medium page in the next few weeks. We already have six blog submissions, so submit your piece now!

📈 Discord DAO Engagement: The Analytics Guild has aggregated Discord data to explore where the DAO energy and engagement is happening. Check out these charts! 🔥🔥🔥

🥧 Join the PieDAO liquidity rewards program on 🍣 Sushiswap!

Our friends at our favorite wealth-creation DAO are boosting liquidity 🌊 for their indices and governance tokens with competitive APRs. 📈 In particular, their DOUGH/WETH and PLAY/DOUGH pools are capturing massive returns at 290% and 370% annually! 😲 Become a liquidity provider and get your DOUGHpamine hit! Not sure how? Read the Rewards Guide for step-by-step assistance to provide liquidity to PieDAO.

Mark Your Calendars

On June 24th, 2021, BanklessDAO approved the Season 1 Specification with a whopping 99.53% approval rating. Arguably, this snapshot vote was one of the most important in BanklessDAO history, setting precedent for what future seasons will look like. But… what now?

First, we need to get our Grants Committee spun up! With applications closing this weekend on June 27th, there are only a couple of days left to send in your applications. So far, only four applicants have applied, meaning we have three more slots available. If you’ve been an active community member, consider applying! Meanwhile, the Ops Guild is heads down, preparing for the Season 1 launch day. There’s much to do, including a complete overhaul of the projects page to be more user-friendly.

Come July 1st, the DAO will focus on two priorities: (1) Generate on-chain revenue, and (2) Build the Onboard MVP. There are a number of projects working to generate revenue, some of which have already netted us thousands in $ETH. The Onboard Project has been well underway for some time now, including a grant request from Aave.

Behind the scenes, the Dev team is hard at work, building out the necessary infrastructure to help us scale, including the DEGEN Discord bot, bounty board, and a website rework.

Season 1 is an experiment. We have no idea what’s going to happen. By the end of the season, we hope to have improved operational efficiency and doubled down on revenue-generating opportunities for future seasons. Then the real fun starts.

Proposals in Discussion

📜 DAO Premium Translation Service: @Grendel put forward a proposal to create a premium translation service for blockchain protocols and projects, aimed at generating a new form of on-chain revenue for the DAO. This service would be marketed and implemented by the BanklessDAO and revenues shared between the translation team and the DAO.

🤝 BanklessDAO x Partnership: This proposal by @Grendel seeks to create a partnership agreement between BanklessDAO and to increase DAO member adoption of tools and features, including Snapshot voting, Red Packets/ bounties on Twitter, Rarible integration, Gitcoin Grants, and more.

💰 Bankless VC DAO: This proposal would establish an accredited investment vehicle that would provide the Treasury with an opportunity to invest in early-stage projects and join other investment DAOs like Metacartel Ventures. This proposal is a revision of the previous VC DAO and Alpha Wallet proposal.

🤑 Apeless Wallet: This proposal would implement a DeFi strategies desk inside the BanklessDAO to identify best-in-class products, conduct analysis, and prepare a placement, timing, and reallocation strategy for high-quality products. This program would coordinate members' liquidity and focus on short-term and faster turnover investments compared to the VC DAO proposal. Stop ape-ing into shitcoins!

Action Items

🐵Contribute: To the BanklessDAO Gitcoin Grant.

🙋🏽‍♀️Apply: For the Season 1 Grants Committee, the application period closes at the end of the day, June 27.

🖊Survey: The VC DAO proposal put together an anonymous survey to understand how DAO members might invest in a Bankless VC fund.

📺Watch: Check out this Youtube video put together by Bankless Czech+DAO on everything you need to know about EIP-1559.

🏃‍♀️Catch up: Review this week's community call notes or listen to the recording.