Bankless DAO Weekly Rollup #4 | May 28

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People are Making $BANK! This week we saw an organic grassroots movement to use the Discord !tip bot to tip contributors within the DAO. As the internal economy gets moving, so does BanklessDAO on Season 1, which draws near!

Authors: BanklessDAO Writers Guild (@siddhearta, @frogmonkee, @gno.thyself, @seangeorge.eth, @Frank America)

Community Highlights

What’s New

  • POAP Wars: The Dev Guild was a first-mover for incentivizing engagement with weekly Guild meetings, offering a POAP to all participants. The Writers Guild quickly followed with their own POAP. How else can we use POAPs?

  • Season 1 is just around the corner: Last week @0xLucas presented his must read vision for Bankless Seasons. This week @frogmonkee laid out a plan for the upcoming transition to Season 1. Summer is coming ☀️

  • Incentives: There was a swarm of conversation around governance, providing incentives via bounties and proposal budgets. @lkngtn 🐝 shared the sweet nectar on what has worked at 1Hive. Pioneers learning from other pioneers; this is the Wei.

  • Tokenomics: @frogmonkee's third 🧠 dump on Is $BANK Money? kicked off a heated discussion on BanklessDAO's tokenomics. The focus seemed to be on using legitimate ways to drive value by tying $BANK to revenue streams. Read @icedcool's Tokenomics of BanklessDAO and DaVoice321's Transmuting $BANK into a Store of Value.

Bullish on Guilds ⚔️

This week we saw a swell of activity for the guilds. The existing guilds found their cadence and have had their first regular weekly meetings and there is a ton to recap:

Analytics Guild: @forager painted a beautiful vision for future projects within the Analytics Guild, including Analytics Explainers, ALPHA Analytics for Members, Analytics Support for Content, and Analytics Research as a Product. Check out the full discussion thread on Discord in the #📊analytics channel.

Marketing Guild: After a successful first meeting, the marketing guild quickly paired off into teams to better understand the projects that needed support, starting with implementing PieDAO's liquidity mining program proposal.

Translators Guild: The Translators Guild has been focused on growing BanklessDAO's global reach by translating this very newsletter. We have newsletters translated in French, Russian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, and more!

Design Guild: NFTs are the name of the game. The design guild has some stellar ideas in mind to support artists and promote collaboration from the creative community. Metafactory merch, meme competitions, capsule drops, collectibles - the sky's the limit!

Legal Guild: Navigating legal jurisdiction in unexplored territory is no easy task. Luckily, our legal guild is globally situated with experience from all domains. They've started their discovery process, evaluating legal frameworks for previously existing DAOs and trying to learn from them.

Writers Guild: In the third writer's guild meeting, the writers guild added a steady cadence to their work by explicitly taking on responsibilities, like this newsletter. The guild also has its hands in creating content for the PieDAO proposal and the BanklessDAO blog.

Developers Guild: Members of the developers guild split up into various SCOAP squads, to scope out DAO projects that will require dev resources. Behind the scenes, they're discussing important topics like CMS, IPFS hosting, and whether we want to capture any user behavior data.

Education Guild: The Education Guild wants to make BanklessDAO the onramp to DeFi. They are discussing an MVP for the crypto-curious to move from centralized exchanges into the magical world of DeFi by designing experience-based learning courses, built on testnet and incentivized with rewards, and so much more 🔥🔥🔥 For anyone interested in the onboarding project, check out the research put together by @DidierKrux.eth - "Explore other educational tools and provide pros/cons"

Proposals in Discussion

Action Items

  • Make your Guild POAP: @josh designed a POAP template for each of the guilds to use.

  • Last chance to claim badge: May 31st is the deadline to claim your Bankless badge. The badge will be necessary to receive the second airdrop. Do not delay. ⌛️

  • Make $BANK: Is $BANK money? You get to decide. Contribute to Guild projects and start making $BANK.

  • Listen to this week's Community Call, or read the notes here.

Meme of the Week