Bankless DAO Weekly Rollup #16 | August 20

Catch up with what happened this week in the Bankless DAO.

The BanklessDAO continues to evolve and be a driving force for the future of decentralized coordination and collaboration. This week bDAO and UMA announced a case study incentivizing crypto regulation, we have a Conscious Money NFT Showcase exploring the evolution of human consciousness, and we rolled out the future of work with a Bounty Board. Now is the time to get involved and help create the better world we know is possible!

Authors: Bankless DAO Writers Guild (siddhearta, nonsensetwice, patey.eth)

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Community Highlights

🖼 Decentralized Arts Newsletter: Edition 0 of the BanklessDAO weekly NFT and Cryptoart newsletter was published this week. Check out the latest trends in the metaverse and stay for the Alpha!

🧑‍⚖️ Bankless DAO 🤝 UMA: A Case Study on Incentivizing Crypto Regulation: This week BanklessDAO and UMA announced a use case for KPI options in the field of legal research to incentivize the work of jurists and experts within the blockchain industry.

What’s New

🎙 Tuesday Talks with Seed Club: Join us on Tuesday, August 24 at 12pm CDT in the Members-Only stage for a Crypto Sapiens event hosted by Humpty Calderon! We will be joined by Ben Jacobs at Seed Club, a DAO that builds, supports and invests in tokenized communities.

🥇 Bankless Academy Logo Competition: Are you a brand designer? Design a logo to be the face of BanklessDAO's flagship education product. Enter the competition for a chance to win 10k BANK. Submissions will end on August 27th, 00:00 UTC.

📈 BanklessDAO Growth, Activation and Engagement: The Analytics Guild compiled Discord data to create a dashboard highlighting member growth and engagement. This dashboard is also part of a larger effort to begin collecting and storing data that would allow the Analytics Guild to report on / display data useful for the DAO.

🙏 Sponsor: UMA — Diversifying DAO Treasuries. DAO Better.

Introducing the BanklessDAO Bounty Board

The toolkit for decentralized coordination is varied. One powerful tool is the Bounty Board - a centralized repository of discrete tasks with an associated price tag. Bounties are typically issued when the bounty creator does not have the time or skill to execute the requested task.

In a traditional organization, these tasks are delegated by a manager to their constituents; but when talent is crowdsourced, the task can be picked up by anyone based on their availability, interest, skillset, and compensation.

BanklessDAO began to implement an ad-hoc bounty system and even spun up a #bounty-board channel, but the flurry of Discord activity would often leave bounties unseen by many. Attempts to further organize coordination have been made, like Forefront’s bounty spreadsheet, but it’s a more burdensome, manual process with no integration with the tools that crypto-natives are familiar with.

And so, IcedCool, BrianPatino, Behold, Paulapivat, Oktal, Nonsensetwice, BPetes, and others embarked on a project to build a better solution.

We created the BanklessDAO Bounty Board with the intention of turning it into a staple tool in any crypto organization’s coordination stack. It’s designed with Web3 in mind and already integrates with Discord. Our bounty board is integrated with BanklessDAO’s native DEGEN bot, meaning members can create a bounty with a simple command.

The current iteration of the Bounty Board is limited in scope, requiring that claims be managed manually by the creator, rewards paid through the Collab Land tipping mechanisms, and payment denominated in $BANK.

For a detailed explanation of the workflow and an overview of the commands, please visit the DEGEN wiki at The Bounty Board Commands and Workflow.

The Future of Bounty Boards

The Bounty Board is in its early stages of evolution. However, understanding the insane level of development happening in the cryptosphere, it isn’t too difficult to consider what bounty boards may become. From soliciting work and connecting creators and builders, to deeper and richer relationships between DAOs and protocols, bounty boards may one day become the de facto form of labor organization.

Our future plans include ways to automate payment smart contract escrows for any ERC20 token, allowing external organizations to create bounties for BanklessDAO members, multi-user claiming, dispute resolution, and much more.

As bounty boards become more blockchain native, it may not be too long before we see freelancers making a living on-chain via bounty hunting, and employment offers being made and picked up via a worker’s wallet history. We’ve talked about the future of work and on-chain resumes before; this is the next step in its realization.

Bounty Boards as a Service

Going into this project, BanklessDAO knew that other crypto-organizations would benefit from a Discord and Web3 integrated bounty board.

As such we are proposing to offer Bounty Boards as a Service (or BBaaS!) as a revenue generating opportunity for BanklessDAO. If your DAO may benefit from having a Bounty Board of its own, we invite you to fill out a survey. The entire Bounty Board project can be replicated and branded to your specification!

Proposals in Discussion

👻 Goodghosting BanklessDAO Pool: This proposal would launch a BanklessDAO-exclusive savings pool. GoodGhosting is a DeFi savings game. Through its smart contracts you can compete with others and get higher interest rates than when you would save by yourself. Deposits are made in stablecoins (i.e. DAI) to a savings pool smart contract. This savings pool runs for a fixed time duration (e.g. on month) during which players have to make regular deposits (e.g. weekly).

💡 DAO to Business Consultancy Service: This proposal would begin gathering research, talent and processes for business consultancy services, to create a platform to share ideas and execute on a BanklessDAO to meat space business consultancy service.

⚔️ De-cluttering Discord: This proposal aims to simplify Discord and curate channels based on specific guild and user-specific needs.

🥷 Bankless VC DAO aka Fight Club: This proposal aims to monetize the alpha generated by the BanklessDAO media platform and the expertise of the bDAO members for the bDAO treasury. Projects that the Fight Club invests in will also utilize the bDAO media services providing job opportunities for members. In addition, the Fight Club Education program will allow members to gain financial experience analyzing companies.

🏦 Project Proposal Framework: This proposal provides a framework for when to write a project proposal, how to get feedback, what to include, and a number of other important details that go unnoticed. The structure provided is meant to guide project towards the Grants Committee requirements for funding.

BanklessDAO Weekly NFT Showcase 🔥

🧑‍🎨 Artist: David Bolt

🏦 Auction Type: 5 open editions + 1/1 auction edition

💰 Price: 0.05 ETH for open editions; 0.35 ETH starting auction bid

Conscious Money Series

These hand-drawn images explore consciousness and evolution as embodied by the Ethereum logo. Most logos represent a company or corporate entity, but the Ethereum logo represents a collective paradigm shift for humanity. It’s a simple, potent, and beautiful symbol. These images portray crypto as an evolutionary force and an awakening expression of human consciousness.

The story of crypto is big. It’s a story of urgent need and incredible opportunity. It’s so radical that many people can hardly comprehend the implications. Cryptoart (at its best) is art that helps humanity embrace a new story for how we can function — collectively and individually.

I was a professional tattoo artist for many years, so I’m fascinated by the power of symbols to tell stories and change lives. With crypto, we’re experiencing the birth of many new symbols that have profound personal, cultural, and global significance. The symbols of crypto enable me to channel creativity into a positive vision for the future. It gives me hope.

Action Items

🤠 Claim or Post a Bounty: Got work? or make $BANK.

🎨 Join the #NFT-Club: Hang out and enjoy the Alpha!

🏃‍♀️ Catch up: Review this week's community call notes or listen to the recording.

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Meme of the Week

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