Bankless DAO Weekly Rollup #13 | July 30

Dear Bankless Nation,

The DAO has many projects in motion and it’s hard to keep up with them all. We will be launching a Projects Newsletter soon to make it easier to get involved and stay up to date. Stay tuned for details!

This week, the Ultra Sound Summer set is out, the first Bankless DAO-hosted art show will arrive in a few days, we explore Onboarding new members with First Quest, and so much more!

Authors: Bankless DAO Writers Guild (Ap0ll0517, siddhearta, Frank America, nonsensetwice)

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BanklessDAO Weekly NFT Showcase 🔥

🧑‍🎨 Artist: guccitr0ll

🏦 Auction Type: Open auction for 48 hours

💰 Price: 0.02 ETH

#1: Exploring the Metaverse

Web3 technologies are democratizing the internet, creating an inclusive space where everyone has an equal voice - regardless of any aspect of identity.

In the traditional tech space, women are vastly underrepresented, holding only 20% of all tech jobs.

Developing on decentralized blockchains is liberating developers around the world, allowing them to participate in a permissionless, transparent ecosystem where everyone can express themselves through their code equally.

This piece showcases women exploring the Metaverse, freely expressing their skill sets and navigating the space.

Community Highlights

👚 MetaFactory Merch Drop: Upgrade your monetary policy with the Ultra Sound Summer set designed by Sinjun. The premium quality ETH ecosystem t-shirt and swim trunks are available for $155.9 🔥 through 11:59PM PDT on August 4, 2021. BONUS item: a 1,000 piece puzzle of Perchy's famous Bankless Nation map! 🧩 2,000 BANK to the first person to finish the puzzle!

🛌 Get into BED: BED unit supply has continued to grow over the past week, with over $1.7 million minted on TokenSets and over $1.3 million in TVL on the BED/ETH Pool on Uniswap V3. In the coming weeks we are moving towards more wallet support (Dharma, Argent, Rainbow) and will be approaching DAO treasuries to encourage diversifying into BED. Get involved in the #bankless-bed-index channel.

What's New

🖼 Values, Layers, Communities: 2,809 Free Paintings in Context: Join us for the DAO's first art show on Tuesday, August 3 at 5pm EDT! Check out the crypto culture and enjoy the interesting ideas, stories and fine art! Special guests include Josh Rosenthal, Ali Spagnola, cart_collector, Perchy, and Tam Gryn.

🏛 VC DAO: The VC DAO has created a VC Board to track current action items and projects. If you are interested in helping the VC DAO project, please join the weekly Wednesday meetings at 1 pm PDT in the #treasury-hall.

🎟 Get your tickets to Mt. Doge: Resident DAO cartoonist Perchy is finalizing a 'Mount Doge' NFT and ticket holders will forever have a place in this historic piece. Perchy is offering two tickets: the first, a picture of you and Elon riding on his zeppelin; and the second, a picture of you in the Doge Mines. This is going to be like the Mount Rushmore of the metaverse. Get your ticket now!

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A Look at First Quest 👀

BanklessDAO has grown exponentially📈 since its inception three months ago. Navigating through the Discord channels or Notion pages can be overwhelming and a little disorienting for the seasoned member, but especially so for newcomers. Some of the most common questions newcomers have when joining the DAO are, "Where do I go? How do I find things? Who should I talk to?" Let's face it, some seasoned members have the same questions.

The purpose of First Quest is to onboard a new member to the Bankless mission, BanklessDAO key resources, discord, and bounties within 5 minutes.

Enter First Quest, championed by Behold and supported by angyst. This project serves to onboard a new member to the Bankless mission, BanklessDAO key resources, and Bounty Board within 5 minutes. This will be done by creating a gamified process for all new members joining the DAO.

Using Discord bots, First Quest will guide each newcomer through a process to acquire necessary skills to interact with the BanklessDAO community.

Here's the process thus far:

  • When a new member joins the BanklessDAO server, carl-bot greets that member with a welcome message and assigns a role.

  • The role grants access to a specific Discord channel and the welcome message directs the users to that channel.

  • Once the user navigates to the channel, they will be introduced to their First Quest.

From here, newcomers will have to complete tasks and/or respond with emojis to continue onward throughout First Quest and gain additional access to more channels in the server. Right now, new members can read summarized descriptions from each guild with links to their notion pages, select which guild they wish to join, and introduce themselves in the guild welcome channels. This is just the beginning and the possibilities are endless; imagine when 🤖DEGEN is fully integrated!

The First Quest could also function as an additional layer of screening for new members, not only to weed out people who aren’t really interested in the DAO (scammers & POAP poachers), but also to determine where and how people can contribute. Imagine if the bot could recommend projects and guilds by monitoring users emoji reactions, or comparing the amount of time spent on each guilds Notion page - like the DAO's very own sorting hat!

Testing started last week to ensure MVP1 functions properly. A number of DAO members have already completed their First Quest and collected a bounty from it. The feedback they provided was very valuable as it allowed the project squad to work out some bugs prior to launch. MVP1 is expected to go live 8/1. The team is discussing what MVP2 could look like and ways to improve upon the awesome product already developed. Maybe you've heard some buzz about guild specific quests for newcomers? Check out this quest for newcomers interested in the 🎓Education Guild. Excited? You should be. Want to learn more? Check out the discord channel #first-quest.

🚨LIVE Snapshot Vote

🏦 Request for funds for Notion’s ongoing subscription: This proposal is requesting $2,000 USDC from the DAO’s Treasury to pay for the Notion subscription, which is currently being paid for by the Defipedia earmarked DAO account.

Proposals in Discussion

🏦 Ministry of Tokenomics: This proposal provides background information and an implementation overview for the creation of a Ministry of Tokenomics in the DAO to research, develop and deploy strategies to bolster value to the $BANK token through tokenomic and other methods.

⚖️ Balancer Staking Pool: The purpose of this proposal is to find consensus around establishing an 80% $BANK/20% WETH liquidity pool 🌊 incentive on Balancer V2. This action both incentivizes liquidity for the $BANK token and brings in long-term project supporters to participate in market making.

🆘 BanklessDAO Ombuds: This proposal would set up an Ombuds office for the Bankless DAO in order to align the organization to the best practices among the digital ecosystem. The Ombuds office would be an informal, impartial, independent, neutral and confidential place for community members to address concerns, including any forms or types of abuse, dysfunctions, shortfalls, delays, or violations concerning the functioning of the DAO.

🛣 First Quests- a way for internal onboarding: This proposal would serve each member joining the DAO with a coherent and gamified onboarding process. The member would learn about the Bankless mission and acquire the necessary skills to interact with the BanklessDAO community, with the goal of onboarding new members within 5 minutes.

💰 BANK4tips: This proposal would allocate 5,000 BANK to every Level 2+ contributor to fuel tipping culture and incentivize participation within the DAO. The expectation from this proposal is each Level 2+ will keep their awarded BANK on xDAI and use it throughout Season 1 to tip any contributors whose work they appreciate.

Action Items

✍️ Subscribe: Sign up for the DAO weekly newsletter and invite your friends.

🧑‍🌾 Get a job: Work for the best jobs in crypto.

📊 VC DAO Poll: Please complete the latest VC DAO poll to help guide the legal structure and member accreditation status.

🏃‍♀️ Catch up: Review this week's community call notes or listen to the recording.

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